It is very rare that two of our Project Managers are able to venture out into the ‘wide world’, but thanks to an increase in resources in the office and careful planning, my colleague, Nichola Elsworth, and I were able to attend the SDL Roadshow in London on 15th May 2014.

We left Gloucester train station very early in the morning, full of anticipation of what the day would bring. After a pleasant journey, we arrived at the Landmark hotel opposite Marylebone Station and following registration, a quick cup of tea and some small talk, we were seated and the event could begin.

The day was structured to explore the individual roles within the translation industry. The parts played by the client (or ‘content owner’), Project Manager, Translator and Proofreader (or ‘Reviewer’) were outlined in the morning and we then broke up into smaller groups and were able to choose from six different workshops in the afternoon.

After an informative couple of hours of presentations by various members of SDL, some known to us and some not, it was time for lunch and we went on a quest for answers to further questions that we had brought with us.

During the morning we learned about MultiTerm Online which is comparable to one of our own developments. It enables the client to make amendments to an online glossary which will impact instantly on the translation and terminology. It was interesting to see that customer demand is taking our company in a similar direction, albeit on a much smaller scale.

The afternoon was equally stimulating as we attended a masterclass for SDL Trados Studio 2014, a presentation about SDL Studio Groupshare 2014 and another session which provided information on extending our SDL environment.

The conference closed with a Q&A session where we were able to ‘fire off’ our final unanswered queries to the entire audience.

All in all, it was a very tiring but extremely worthwhile day. We were glad to have the chance to attend this well planned, friendly conference and enjoyed meeting many interesting people and picking up new snippets of information.

During an uneventful journey home, we concluded that it is useful to regularly refresh your knowledge, even of software that you use on daily basis, as there is always something to learn which can improve your working practice.

We look forward to attending another conference in the future.

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