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Online order form

Clients can plugin to our Project Management CMS, to place orders directly from their custom-made Online Order Form.
Whether with client-specific requirements and pre-sets or with default settings, clients can place orders quickly and efficiently.

Bespoke glossary service

The HVAC and energy/renewables sector has, like most other technical areas, developed its own highly specific language. Even technical dictionaries cannot always provide the answer, due to the complexity and rapidly developing nature of this specialised field. At Balthasar, however, we have finely honed our understanding of your core subjects.

We can work with you to create individual glossaries for your product range to ensure your documentation reflects your corporate identity and brand image. Our system permits you to search for terms and request changes, online, to your client glossary. Data exchange between your in-house glossary and Balthasar’s translation glossary is also possible.

Keeping costs down

Balthasar is committed to working as efficiently as possible, and making the most of technology to automate processes.
We already use technical automation to prepare files for translation, for cross-platform data exchange, client quote/invoice generation and network file maintenance.

General IT support

Balthasar employs in-house IT support, which helps in keeping up to date with industry-standard technology, as well as troubleshooting software and hardware issues. We maintain an efficient file management and fault tolerance server/data backup system, in line with data protection and client agreements.

Additional services

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