Are you still cutting text from your document putting it into Word or Excel, having it translated, and then pasting it back in again? If so, then you are aware of how problematic and time-consuming it can be! Did you know that all of this is unnecessary? Modern DTP and translation software has changed everything ‒ making cutting and pasting a thing of the past.

Take an InDesign document, for example. Under your “Save as” options you can choose the “.idml” file type. This kind of file can be used very easily by our translation software here at Balthasar. Translation of the whole document is completed in a jiffy by our excellent team. Then the text is reconverted into an “.idml” file type once again and you can open it in InDesign. No problem.

After import you will find that the text is all in the right place, but as some languages use more words to express the same thing than others, the text may need adjusting slightly to fit into the text boxes. If you have been cutting and pasting in the past, you will be familiar with the process.

But what if I don’t want the whole document translated you might ask. This is easily sorted. One particularly efficient way we have found is if you apply a colour to the new text you want translated in an existing document. Balthasar translation software is clever enough to pick this up. What we then do is “lock” all of the text that does not need to be translated and run the rest through as normal. You only pay for the text that needs to be worked on. Easy! Cutting and pasting often means that some of your text is OLD and some of it NEW and it’s all mixed up together. What a mess! Particularly, if, as a company, you have decided on a change of terminology or have introduced new terminology. We provide a comprehensive proofreading service which includes a QA check with sophisticated software that ensures the consistent and accurate use of your specialist terminology.

Balthasar saves you time, improves accuracy, keeps down costs and so you remain cutting edge!

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