How many words can a translator manage in a day, what factors in the source text affect this, and what do translators actually do? Why is it important to reach agreements with the translator and what should be agreed in advance? Do I need translation, proofreading in line with ISO 17100 or localisation, and what exactly does that mean?

These and many more fascinating questions on the subject of “Effective project management, even for translations?” were answered by Emma Pielen and Heike Held in a presentation lasting around 90 minutes. The presenters dealt with the various topics to demonstrate what’s involved in managing a typical translation project.

However, typical projects are actually the exception rather than the rule, since many source texts contain a quirk of some sort, such as umbrella terms, “Denglish”, localisations and last, but by no means least, display texts. Numerous examples from actual translations for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector illustrated the points being made and, on several occasions, brought wry smiles to the faces of some of the 18 participants.

The presentation concluded with a question and answer session, followed by a round of networking in the warm evening sunshine.

The event took place on the 20th May and was hosted by Stiebel Eltron, which provided the facilities at its training academy in Holzminden.


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