Emma Pielen graduated in 2003 with a First Class Honours Degree in German, French and Linguistics from the University of York. She then trained to teach English as a Foreign Language before travelling and working in various countries including Japan and Germany. Having always had a particular affinity for the language and culture of Germany, this connection grew even stronger during the years she spent working in Düsseldorf, Munich and Regensburg.

Emma returned to the UK in 2008 to take up a position as a staff translator with Balthasar Ltd. She received thorough training in the use of market leading translation software and the opportunity to learn about HVAC technology, terminology and software through courses and site visits to various installations. The company also supported Emma as she studied part-time for her Masters Degree in Translation with the University of Bristol, successfully achieving a Distinction.

Inspired by Balthasar’s commitment to high quality, Emma’s own high standards and sense of professionalism have led her to work extensively on the company’s technical glossaries and translation memories. She takes responsibility for the maintenance of these important databases as it is essential to keep in step with constant linguistic and technological developments. Emma and her team continue to attend training courses and trade shows, both in the UK and Germany, to develop their knowledge of the heating, ventilation and renewables sectors.

Balthasar prides itself on delivering exceptional levels of quality and service. Emma intends to keep the team focused on this goal, whilst also expanding the company’s range of services to match customer demand more closely than ever before.

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