What languages are covered by your services?
We translate into all modern languages.

How can I be sure that the translation I will receive is any good?
To ensure that your translation is of the highest standard, your text is worked on by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language and experienced in the subject matter.
Our team of linguists also use glossaries that can be agreed in advance with you, the customer. We would always recommend that documents are proof-read by a second linguist, as specified by the industry standard ISO 11078.

How long will it take to translate my document?
Balthasar works on the industry standard of 1500 words a day translation and 6500 words proofreading. Urgent jobs can be covered as the team have translators who work in different time zones, but sometimes for weekend and evening work there may be a surcharge.

What is a translation memory?
Every time a sentence is translated, software tools save it to a database. This means that if ever the same sentence, or part of the sentence, occurs again the “memory” will offer the translation as an option to the translator. A machine cannot tell if it is appropriate to use the same translated sentence and it is here that the translator must use their own judgement and skill.

If you work with Balthasar to build a translation memory, you may be able to save costs if the content of your documentation is repetitive in nature, e.g. pricelists. Marketing literature is usually inventive and varied, but a translation memory can help maintain consistency of phrases, slogans and strap lines.

What do I have to do to help create a glossary?
The Balthasar project management team have tools that can create the basis for a glossary from the documentation you already have. On request Balthasar would maintain this glossary, but would need information from you as to the preferred terms from subsidiaries and distributors so that it can make any amendments.

The glossary is then linked to the translation software. This means that if ever a sentence needs to be translated that contains a particular technical term, the glossary offers the approved term as a suggestion. Our technical translators then make the judgement as to whether it is appropriate to use it or not.

Do you arrange framework agreements?
If you know that you would like to place a large or long term order with us, we may be able to negotiate a special rate for you. This is because we will be able to plan and make arrangements for your orders in a cost efficient way that will have benefits for both parties.

When would using your online ordering process be useful to me?
If you have many files, regularly need translation services, or the file is too big to be sent by email then you can go online and order direct. A framework agreement is not necessary as a quote will be generated once you have entered the system. Once the order is set up you will be able to monitor its progress from translation through to proofreading, typesetting final quality controls and then delivery.

How can I send you my documents?
They can be sent by email, fax, post or SSL secure online app.

Can Balthasar keep the original format of my documents?
Yes we can, as we work with all conventional electronic data formats and software.

Are my documents treated confidentially?
All Balthasar employees and freelancers consent to non-disclosure agreements which provide clear and binding regulations regarding the handling of confidential material.

We guarantee secure data protection for our customers which applies to everything from private correspondence to scientific studies and new product launches. See our policy document on IT data protection.

How will I be invoiced?
Our invoices are issued in euros or pounds sterling. Prices are transparent and competitive. All invoices are preferably sent electronically, saving time and precious resources.


How is the price for my technical translation calculated?
For maximum transparency, all technical translations are priced according to the number of words in the source text. To find out the price of your translation, please ask for a quotation.

How do you choose your translators?
Balthasar selects its freelancers very carefully. The company first identifies translators with a proven engineering or technical background. These individuals are then sent a test translation which is vetted by two previously approved linguists. Standards are high as on average 8 out of 10 applicants are rejected as they fail to meet the high quality standards demanded by us ‒ and by our customers.


Do you offer a desktop publishing and typesetting service?
We are able to produce print-ready documentation on request. Our DTP team have access to the most up to date versions of all leading DTP software brands for MAC and PC.

How is the price for my marketing translation calculated?
For maximum transparency, all marketing translations are priced according to the number of words translated or – if we also typeset your document – by the page. To find out the price of your translation, please ask for a quotation. Advertising material is charged on an inclusive basis per page with optional localisation by local copywriters.

Do we localise marketing texts?
This can be a contentious issue in our industry. Translators translate, copywriters write advertising copy. Generally, copy writing is a different service, although our in-house capabilities permit us to include a similar service in English and we are extending this service to include other languages.

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