In December 2016, I was asked if I would like to be on the Board of Directors for Balthasar. The opportunity came as a bit of a surprise and felt like a huge compliment, especially as I feel extremely fortunate that I have found my dream career. I love working in the language industry and being part of the team at Balthasar. My position allows me to use my languages on a daily basis and I am extremely motivated by the friendly, can-do attitude we all have at Balthasar.

Becoming a director is the next challenge of my career and I am keen to embrace it and succeed. Having worked for the company for over seven years and with experience in various areas of project management, customer service, invoicing, process planning and quality assurance, I know the company very well and hope that I can continue to put forward new ideas for the future and contribute to Balthasar’s future success.

Part of my responsibility as director involves overseeing the translation projects and ensuring that our quality assurance processes have been followed, as well as ensuring that projects are worked on to ISO 17100 standard and meet the requirements and deadlines agreed with the customer. If my colleagues have any technical or procedural questions, they know that they can come to me and we will find a solution together.

As technology is advancing rapidly, particularly in our industry at the moment, we are also looking into the future of machine translation and other tools and tips that will help us and our translators to become more efficient and deal with the ever increasing demands of the industry. Data security and translation accuracy have proved to be some of the issues so far, so we are not yet ready to trust or implement machine translation, but we will be keeping a close eye on the developments and will continue to keep our colleagues, customers and stakeholders informed.

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