Ever been under pressure and sent that sensitive email to the wrong person through the “helpful” Outlook Auto-Complete function?

You are not alone! Most of us realise the mistake just a few seconds after we have clicked “send”.

Of course, you can turn off this function under File > Options > Mail and under Send messages uncheck “Use Auto-Complete”.

But, let’s face it – this function is useful. So, what to do?

As an immediate solution, you can slow yourself down by turning on Spell Checker for your emails – that gives your eyes a few seconds to catch up.

Go to File > Tools > Options > Spelling and check “Always check spelling before sending”.

“Delay send” rules can be applied to your Outlook settings on individual PCs if you are working alone.

However, if you work in a company you can ask your IT team to add a delay in the sending of all emails from the company server.

That way you can recall any misdirected ones …

…. and let the technology work for you.

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