In 2019, Trados celebrated its 35th anniversary. Since its foundation in 1984, a lot has happened in the translation industry, both for freelance translators and for language service providers. The 2019 SDL roadshow highlighted the inevitable advent of machine translation (MT) and post-editing, which, it is predicted, will create fundamental changes over the next 5 to 10 years. However, change and transformation also mean opportunities for growth and prosperity. As an attentive listener and representative of Balthasar, it became clear to me that we as LSPs can and want to take on this challenge and have already done so. In these times of rapid change, the so-called “digital transformation”, we are not just a one-dimensional language service provider that takes care of our customers’ translation needs. Rather, we strive daily to act as a “solution architect” for the questions and new challenges of our customers.

In addition, the roadshow is always an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with existing and potentially new translators for Balthasar from the HVAC industry and to maintain personal contact. In this respect, the 2019 roadshow was also a complete success and I look forward to putting the many new ideas that emerged from discussions into practice.

Christiane Schaeffler

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