Technical translations

Balthasar - language service provider to industry

Terminology specialists

Our in-house team will work with your engineers, and those of your subsidiaries, to help compile glossaries and other databases for company-wide document consistency.

Professional linguists

Our network of freelance translators and proofreaders spans the globe. In order to work for us their professional experience and qualifications must meet the requirements laid down by ISO 17100, the European quality standard for translation service providers.

Quality assurance

We naturally employ state of the art computer aided translation tools to achieve a faster turnaround and the highest levels of quality and consistency in our work. Furthermore, we implement the dual inspection principle which means your documentation will also be checked by two linguists independently. This gives you optimum assurance of congruity and cohesion in your documentation.

ISO 17100, the European quality standard for translation service providers, stipulates certain criteria for quality-assured processes. Many companies are only registered to this standard. In contrast, Balthasar services are officially certified to ISO 17100, which means that an auditor visits our company every year to check the conformity of our processes – and Balthasar has passed the audit with flying colours every time.

XML development partner

We work in close collaboration with our customers in the development of their XML based systems, effectively acting as an extension to their own operation – giving you all the services you need without additional overheads.

Technical translations

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